I started self-hosting a instance a few months ago -- and now I'm moving back to . Here's why.

@celia I had much better experiences hosting Gitlab Omnibus on a VM (which takes a lot of pain out of maintenance, but needs at leas 4GB of ram to work smoothy).

But my motivation is different -- I want host about a thousand private repos that I don't want anyone to know about or accidentally publish.

@avolkov I could pay $5/month for a bare machine install and at least remove the maintenance barrier from Gitea, but that's a totally unaffordable option for me. (

But yes, for your use case, it sounds like you're meeting your targets very well -- and that's absolutely great! :)

You can try a middle path (instead of github or self hosting binary options), why not choose an instance hosted by a community? The maintenance and funding is shared by the community. I'm part of the team that maintains You are welcome to use our instance if you like.

@praveen I was, for a while, using Codeberg ( However, once again, the critical mass is simply not there. I want to be an early adopter, but not for every single thing.

Alright. Sometimes we have to choose our battles, and it can be different for each.


Your experiences would be very interesting to @dachary for the project. Currently doing user research.


@celia for what it’s worth, my employer was pretty impressed to hear about the stuff i self-host, haha.

i run cgit (cgi frontend to a bunch of bare git repos), and mirror stuff on github — all repos have my git server as push/fetch and github as push-only remote. very low maintenance setup.

@x That does sound impressive tbh. Self-hosting Gitea is not an engineering feat on the other hand haha. I want to be more intentional in what I self-host. In the end, I want a good balance, and gain at least enough value for whatever headache self-hosting something is.

@celia totally fair. and github, for all its flaws, has some nice features i’m yet to see in other forges — discoverability being the primary one. and it’s relatively privacy respecting, so it’s ok for me, heh.

@celia thanks for this great write up of your experience! I suspect your experience is shared by a number of people. This is a great addition to the @fedeproxy #forge #federation User Research 💯


Respect for trying (incl the email flow), for moving back and writing about it.

It doesn't help the world at large, if all us developers spend so much of our spare time and funds each trying to keep our own infrastructure up and running at the stretch of our ability and budget.

If it's ultra affordable and low maintenance, for you, today, then yes, help test drive upcoming alternatives.

If not, better put that time/money to use where your talents and interests can make a difference!

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