I'm looking at buying this book ( to level up.

It costs a little over what I have saved, little by little, over the last year (or so) in my 'upskilling' fund. It's a hefty bite!

But I'm confused... is this a good choice? What parameters should I be keeping in mind while looking at Django as a medium-term career choice?

Any is welcome.

One aspect I'm definitely interested in is how useful Django is by itself... along the lines of contractual dev vs project-based assignments.

@celia I have very limited experience in the Python field, but at my job we're a SaaS and use Ruby and Python at the backend. Almost all Python components are built on Django, and when we've hired senior Python devs they all had a good background in it. Hope this helps! (Probably when you get feedback from more people)

@carlesjove @celia For backend python stuff check FastAPI, it's new and has a lot of support and development making it even greater than it is. Automated Swagger and full async support.

@blkpws @carlesjove FastAPI looks very interesting, thanks!

I've taken a decision to carry on with Python and Django. 🎉 Hopefully good things ahead!

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