ngl, this unnamed company is starting to get on my bad side.

I wanted to change my email because I'm dropping Gmail from everywhere, slowly, and heard this gem back from them to my email (and I expected this tbh)

Their app/website is horribly broken, and I always remember the CEO's words on their work ... (paraphrasing here):

"We have a working Saturday policy. Those who don't like to work hard eventually drop out, and it has a reverse selection effect while hiring."

Always going to thank the 2019-me who passed on even applying for a dev job w/ them based on this single statement alone.

They were also under fire for a work culture last year, which, too, does not surprise me.


I was convinced in 2019 that an "intense" work culture doesn't deliver success _by itself_, and I'm still convinced of it today. You cannot treat people like expendable machines ("resources") and expect quality work to come out of it.

@celia if there are no legal guardrails and supply of workers is high, they will get away with it.

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