Just as I was getting behind multi-line shell commands for readability’s sake, I also find out you can't navigate up/down once you paste them in.

Nope. :(

@celia try Ctrl+x Ctrl+e. It'll open the command in whatever $EDITOR is set to. Saving and exiting the editor will execute the command.

@celia you can if you use a non-bash shell like Fish or ZSH!

@uoya I use zsh on my personal computer, but a lot of my server management is bash. 😅

@celia oh yeah, I can see how that’d be an issue.

I’ve seen a few tools over the years attempt to solve the local-confit-everywhere problem, but none felt like they nailed it.

I think someone already mentioned the ability to edit the current command in $EDITOR, which works just as well if not better!

@celia I can't double-check right now but pretty sure this works as expected with zsh.

@iooioio I was on a server with bash when I tooted that.

I tend to stick with defaults on places that's not my personal computer because less maintenance. Bash setup and dotfile utopia is very far on my map tbh. 😅

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