Is there a phone I can buy later this year that...

1. is vanilla, or close to vanilla Android,
2. has a headphone jack (the absolute state of things)
3. is available in India
4. will receive _at least_ three years of security updates
5. costs less than 500 USD


6. has hardware focused on high performance. I have almost nil gaming usage.

Sorry, honest truth is Android and its ecosystem is sluggish. 😅

@celia what about Pixel phones?
*(they are vanilla android
* has new android as first (even with developer releases) i think its 3 years of new android (i had nexus maybe 5 years) and changed after no new android upgrade
* i have seen India at google pixel store page
* pixel 4a is less than 500

Or you can consider OnePlus. My OP 6 is 3 yo and still getting security updates. Oneplus promised to us Android 11. For example OP 8T is 100$ more than your limit.

@emma Yeah, but the OP6 will stop receiving those updates later this year. 😉

Pixel phones look like the answer, sadly.

@celia I know thats why I wrote you can check oneplus 8T (its model from last year).

Because of updates I changed last year to iPhone (SE 2020)

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