Is there a phone I can buy later this year that...

1. is vanilla, or close to vanilla Android,
2. has a headphone jack (the absolute state of things)
3. is available in India
4. will receive _at least_ three years of security updates
5. costs less than 500 USD


I currently own a OnePlus that will stop receiving security updates and I don't want to bother with installing a custom OS. That's literally my motivation.

I am not considering a flagship OnePlus anymore. Those things cost absolute bombs for no good reason now. Maybe the Nord but not yet looked into at all.

@celia which OnePlus do you have? Their phones are one of the easiest to install distros like lineageOS on. I have the 5 and my SO has a 3, and I choose them for the specific reason that they were positive towards installing custom ROMs, at least at that time. Don't know about their more recent phones though.

@rsolva I understand they might be, and mine might very well be too!

I'm just too "pedestrian" to bother with custom OSes at this point. I used to do it some five years ago when I had the time and room to accept defects/quirks of a custom OS. Now I want it to just work. I have enough of the messing about to do on my laptop and self-hosting server. 😁

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