Who is writing this documentation? We need a "simple" subdomain for the RxJS website, like Wikipedia has one for a lot of its articles.

wow yes. those rxjs docs are so ridiculously impervious. the fp folk are part of that big wide tribe of folk with an awkward & difficult predilection for maths & complex terminology.

my suggestion would be to use & just start writing annotations atop the current docs. don't rebuild anew, just RAW Web it, read-annotate-write the official docs, scribble your own notes in place over top. more people will probably see it too!

i was very very strongly having this idea earlier today. i write a lot online and i know a lot of it is impervious. i was thinking of writing my own notes to explain & elaborate myself. being able to do it in-situ would be so grand.

and with web annotation based tooling, there is such amazing possibility for multiple different overlays to form atop the canonical docs. we can peruse through different people's re-spins or takes, pick through.

@celia ultimately it is kind of helpful to have higher-level, specific nomenclature like those docs. but it sure is a harsh rebuff to those trying to learn. it doesn't explain. it only begets many quesitons. there are straightforward, lingo-free means to explain. i love your idea of making the "simple" for this.

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