@celia I do share more photos than text, but also deleted my Pixelfed instance after a while. Felt no need for photos only, and Mastodon works great for both.

@mike That's true. I think Mastodon treats everything as a Note object type, even posts that only have a photo. Pleroma set out to fix this, but I'm not really sure what's happening at this point. Pixelfed also would correctly send posts out as Photos, not Notes, on that front. :)

It's still a good project. I wanted to invite my friends over, but the level of maturity any software requires for that kind of feat is quite high.

@celia I hate to say it, but I might return when there's a good native app. My kids are nagging to get Instagram and that could be a good compromise.

@mike Yep, that's a sore miss right now. They are working on an Android app I think. They did announce it recently.

@celia Last I heard it was iOS too, but I remember also getting tired of them announcing features too early and never deliver in good time.

@celia I 100% am feeling platform fatigue right now and am likely going to deactivate my pixelfed account. Even after trying to use it again, I don't feel any reason to share photos too often. I can just use this account for that when needed.

The less accounts I have to sign into, the better haha.

@celia Yup yup, I hear you 100%. Platform fatigue is a thing.

I deleted Pixelfed for the same reason, and might do the same to DEV soon, again for the same reasons as you. The only writer I truly admire there is Swyx, but he has an RSS so… :drake_like:

@celia If you're into non-fiction books, Cal Newport tackles exactly this in his book Digital Minimalism.

The man's a bestselling author and a CS professor, but uses zero social media like a boss.

@dubiousdisc You know what? I might actually read this one.

@celia Ooh, and your new site look is lovely! Great choice of font.

@dubiousdisc Thank you! 💛

But... what new site? 🙈🙈 Most of my site updates are incremental so I don't really know what you saw last, and when. 🙈

@celia Err, might be the dark theme which I may not have noticed earlier on Hera. 😅​


> everything seems geared towards farming

Oh weird, there's a large farmer community on dev.to? I wonder why?

> likes. I can't stand it, personally.

Oh, that makes much more sense.

@celia I did the same thing once I started self-hosting.

I think honestly I’d love a world where I could have many clients hooked up to my one ActivityPub account depending on my mood. Open the Pixelfed-ish client when I want to browse/post photos, open the mastodon-ish client when I want a more text-focused experience, but all linked to one account/identity. More focus on clients and less on servers.

Granted if I had unlimited time and motivation, that wouldn’t be a problem, but unfortunately I do not 😞

@afontaine Sorry, do you mean you were self-hosting Pixelfed and then decided not to? If so, would you do the same if you were using the cloud hosted version?

I really dig your idea though. That sounds very neat. :)

@celia Ah no I had a mastodon account and a pixelfed account and moved to a self-hosted pleroma account that I just condensed everything to.

I think if I was to do it all again, I’d simplify further and go with microblog.pub

@afontaine Ahh, got it. That makes sense.

I think I had come across this before but at the time was unwilling to consider a blog dipped both in ActivityPub and IndieWeb. But I'm a bit more receptive to it right now haha.

@celia yeah I just see how condensed a site like https://jlelse.blog/ is and it makes me a little jealous 😠

@afontaine Yep, I'm even loosely considering using GoBlog (git.jlel.se/jlelse/GoBlog/) and prettying up the UI. 😂

I am going to definitely look at this for inspiration!
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