You've probably heard of 10x engineer. If you've been interneting a while, you may know it became a meme. Well, Tierney Cyren set up a somewhat satirical page called : I think that's pretty neat.:

@celia It's easy to be a 10x coder when your shitty behaviour makes everyone else around you 90% less effective... 😂

@celia I dislike the notion that productivity is related in any way to behavior or being human.

High productivity people can have other interests, should show empathy to others, can contribute with things other than code. They aren't different than average productivity people. And average productivity people aren't necessarily better at that. Bad behavior unfortunately exists in all kinds of people.

@celia I used to call myself a 1/10x engineer. You know ... someone needs to undo the sparkles a 10x engineer leaves behind in a project.

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