Can using an alternative frontend for Spotify get my account locked?

This seems really cool that someone's working on it.

@celia I think these alternative frontends are basically just API clients, so I would bet on "no".

@mariusor @celia Yup. I've used spotify-tui (terminal based spotify client) and had no problems.

@celia My account was once locked because I used a VPN. So perhaps?

@tapani @celia while I was at school I couldn't use spotify unless I was using a VPN :agummythink:

@robby @celia Perhaps my VPNs IP was blocked for some reason. Dunno.

@celia I would say no, in general. However, you're at their mercy. If something looks wonky on their end, they'll slam the door on you without any recourse available.

@nathand So legally speaking, they *can* do it per their ToC?

@celia There are parts of their T&C that could be used against you if they felt like your use was doing something they didn't like (like recording/saving content).

@celia An alternative client could probably get it locked, just as Snapchat locked Windows Phone app accounts, but if you're using an alternative frontend in the same way Bibliogram does with Instagram for Spotify Web Player I dont think they will care, they will probably just try to block the frontend app rather than your account. just my guess from my experience using alt frontends & apps :)

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