I've used a ton of blogging software over the years. The one thing that's given me very little pain: file-based storage, or more specifically, Markdown files. An appreciation post.: rusingh.com/articles/2021/02/1

@celia I wish there would be an easier way to write tables in markdown but besides that, it gets the job done very well in many many cases.

@xoxys Oo, you're right. I rarely ever use tables, but they're a pain in Markdown, yes. 😭

@celia Agreed, I've written a couple of blog engines for my own blog and they all use markdown as storage. It's so simple and I can SFTP in to edit the files directly (or SSH in and edit with nano if I'm on my phone). I do augment them with a custom header that defines tags and other attributes though. But nothing too complex.

@celia I am big fan of markdown. It's way easier for met o write content on my page in text editor than use wysiwyg editors. I often use markdown in text files because its easy to make pdf from them :)

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