@garritfra All the best for Excited to see where this goes.

Perhaps one day you make one for too? 😉

@celia Thank you! Let's see what happens with it. It's currently a project to evaluate the capabilities of flutter web, but it would be cool if an usable client pops out of it in the end. :)

PS: !

@garritfra I tried learning Flutter last year, but gave up. Which I'm sure is all too common. So I'd like to, but I don't think I'll be doing any PRs.

My motivation at the time was to build a client for Pixelfed, so that my friends don't say "Um, no app? No, thanks."

The fatigue is real though, and I decided to stop. A Pixelfed client is also probably a huge undertaking.

@garritfra I'm looking forward to this despite that I don't use Miniflux myself. Do you accept patches?


@yerinalexey Offtopic, I'm learning how to make and send patches and to see more people asking this question is validation me and my friend are on the right path. :)


In case you need some nudges in the right direction:

A good guide:

A not-so-good guide, but shameless self promotion:


@garritfra I'm aware of the former, but I'm just focusing on creating and applying patches, so your post is a nice one to share. We'll get to using git-send-email later, directly exchanging emails lowers the learning barrier. 😂


@yerinalexey I'll lay the groundwork (Working on navigation rn) and then mirror it to Expect it to be ready in ~2 hours, I'll let you know.


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