A friend just set up a () server, and I'm in awe. Granted it's not super mature, but it's already in a good position to get that polish that I expect from mainstream projects. And those are the projects that succeed.

This feels like software I want to get behind. Find more details around donation here: snikket.org/donate/

...and find my XMPP handle in my description. Bonus points if someone can teach me to use OMEMO outside Snikket. Say, on desktop? :)

@celia newest gajim with omemo plugin works for me gajim.org/ it should be able to blindly trust as well so should be hassle free.

Then theres the sweet dino for gnu-linux dino.im/ that does it automajik by blindly trusting.

@whirli Magic, I like. Dino seems nice. Off hand, do you know if the font size can be bumped up cause this hurts my eyes lol

@celia I dont think so. Never even thought about it.

@celia @whirli If you're using GNOME it will accept the font settings you configured there. Otherwise gnome-tweak-tool or manually adjusting GTK configuration may help. There is an issue and (a little hacky) workaround in github.com/dino/dino/issues/29

@celia not a fan of projects that, when asked on how to install their software, answer "it's too hard, here's our image of [docker,some vm] where we installed it"

@celia I wouldn't recommend #Pidgin, its #XMPP support is subpar. There is unofficial plugin for omemo, gkdr/lurch, but reading its docs, some things are lacking from the Pidgin side, so offline messages won't work.
Apart from praised #gajim and #dino, on the desktop there is also #Psi / #Psi+
@celia Getting pidgin to work with OMEMO was not easy for me. I humbly suggest taking a look at Gajim.

OMEMO support in desktop jabber apps is a bit hit and miss at present. But one of Snikket's goals is to address that so we can have Snikket apps for desktop OS (and mobile GNU).

@strypey Yes it is. :(

I use as my desktop daily driver at the moment. Nothing else sticks.

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