Firefox is re­mov­ing sup­port for PWAs in v85. While con­flicted, here are my thoughts.:

@celia FFox needs to focus on a core value proposition. That value isn't "we do everything Chrome does". If they put their PWA dev time into improving that core experience, they'll gain more users than if they support PWA at the expense of those improvements. IOW, I can see why they did this. It's the right move. It's just not the right move for me in particular.

@jamesvasile I'm not sure I agree they'll gain more users that way. The average Jane just wants things that work. A nicer core experience is definitely a part of that, but so are features that happen to become a part of the web and are just "expected."

That said, I do understand why they did it. Like I wrote, it's not unjustified at all.

@celia That's a fair point. My hope is that if PWA takes over the world, they'll come back and do it right. If it becomes an expected feature in wide use, they'll do it.

@jamesvasile @celia I think you're all right about needing to focus with their limited resources and that PWAs just aren't super popular. So then I guess we just use Chrome for PWA sites.

@tomosaigon @jamesvasile @celia Whenever I ask someone why they are using an Electron desktop app instead of a web app, it's because they want a separate window, to not have to hunt for the tab in a browser window or not to have browser window open at all. Usually they just don't know about PWA because they are used to downloading and installing apps the old way.
I'm sure Firefox will eventually reconsider but users will go where features like this work when they learn about their existence.

@celia I can highly recommend Bromite, which is chrome but "de-googled" and with privacy enhancements (and ad blocking):

@ob Neat, thank you!

I just tried this and it is very similar to Firefox -- doesn't "install" the app properly into the launcher and doesn't load the PWA most times (worse than Firefox for some reason 😭).

Going to keep an eye out but with Chrome for now. 😊

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