Is it just me or is anyone too freaking exhausted to write on their blog? And have been a while?

Like, of course I want to, but I've got no energy. :oh_no:

@celia I'm actually feeling more motivated to write at the moment, but I tend to go through peaks and troughs with it.

@celia nothing really. I just get the urge for a while, burn out, urge comes back, burn myself out again...and on it goes.

@celia It comes and goes. Sometimes I try to force myself to write just one sentence. Often that leads to more sentences. Same goes for programming. Even doing that one tiny thing is a success.

@tapani @celia That's what we call the "door stop 10k" in Norwegian, just getting started and getting over the doorstop some times is so difficult, then it gets easier.

@sotolf @celia Definitely. First step is the most difficult. Also, not knowing what to do makes it worse. For me it helps a lot to always have ideas written down I can jump on without too much thinking.

@celia Hey now, I wrote a whopping 1 entry last year, so I'm pretty happy about that :P

@vinnl Sweet. That's similar to me promising to read 2 books in a year and congratulating myself when I read 3. 🎉

It's great! 😂

@celia agreed. Especially newsletters.. it’s been months since i wrote the last issue of my newsletter.
Blogging still feels like fresh air, and depending on the day i can get something out there

@celia sometimes one just needs to write a few loser quality ones.

Something that was really fun to me, was my TIL series, where I wrote only 2 paragraph articles, but every day about something new I learned on that day. It was quite fun, even when I didn't keep it up more than 40-60 days:

Also we have a little room where people exchange about blogging, maybe that's something to draw motivation from?

@celia I did a redesign + migration to eleventy recently, so right now I'm rather motivated. I've also got a lot of new post ideas along the way. Let's see how long I will be able to keep up the motivation.

@darekkay That was my most productive period too -- right after moving to Eleventy, I just kept writing.

@celia I don't know if it is a doing all the background work thing but... Every time I do a new setup for my blog, I write regularly for sometime. And then it goes unto a slump. Trying Vercel Vercel Vercel is going to give me another boost till I go down again.

@celia welcome to 2021. the bastard step child of 2020. 🙁

@celia im too exhausted to get out of bed! I am already tired tomorrow.

@celia I hear you. Often, I get an idea for a post, then write a quick outline into my notes app, and… that's it.

The act of getting the thoughts out of my head onto a storage device satisfies me enough to not feel like structuring it into prose.

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