Been spend­ing some time do­ing some New-Year-cleanup on my site. The end-goal is to keep the code­base lean and main­tain­able. Here’s the low­down…:

@celia on removing comments...

I say go for it! They add little to the post 99% of the time and are a nightmare to manage when it comes to spam and moderation. People have other methods (like this) to add a comment.

@celia "I have to wait for the de­vel­op­ers to add sup­port for CSS fea­tures"

I see Tailwind as an addition to my existing styles. It's an abstraction that creates all the utility classes that I need. If something is missing, I just add the classes manually. In the end, functional CSS isn't bound to any framework.

@celia "My markup has be­come gory and un­read­able. I’d like to sim­plify it and make sense of it at first glance."

Interestingly, your argument for dropping functional CSS is the same argument I have for using it in the first place - "making sense at first glance". When I see a semantic ".post-header", I know what it is supposed to be. But I have no idea about the styling, so I need to take a second glance into the stylesheet.

@darekkay My experience has been it's jarring looking at a bunch of HTML elements each with anywhere between 1 to 20 classes.

Separating the HTML and CSS gives me so much peace when reading HTML:
this is a nav and it is the primary one.


this is a nav and it has these styles.

I'm not sure how it fits into the site until I read through the classes and the surrounding/containing/children HTML.

Inline comments could solve this to an extent I guess? The HTML still stays gory though. :P

@celia It's always a good time to redesign your site. As humans, we're always redesigning ourselves. Why should our digital faces be any different?

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