Where's the modern starter project that doesn't rely on any framework and just gives you a design system with all the upcoming native features?

@specter Had never heard of it, but doesn't look like what I'm looking for...

" Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible."

I want to write CSS. Completely my own. I just want an extensible, base system -- not components and prescriptions that Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc. do. :/

@celia @specter What do you think should be part of this starter?

In my opinion, it could have a CSS base style (like Modernizer), a task runner, some boostrapped config files for various variables, a directory structure and maybe some predefined utility classes.

Is it what you’re thinking about?

@meduz @specter

I would expect a good dir structure including variables, media queries, custom selectors. Not necessarily utilities, but a system that helps you make your own spacing with common sense. A single, tiny file with opinionated typography, and autoprefixer.

No components, no other library being included (like Modernizer), and no task runner. Let the devs make that choice.

Idk, that's kind of where I'm at. It should be like 10-20 plain CSS files that don't jail you from day 1.

@meduz @specter I'll probably end up making one at this rate. A personal CSS starter.

@meduz Oh sorry, you didn't mean Modernizer, you just meant like it. Honestly I haven't used it so I don't know.

@celia I should make my own, too, as I now have something that doesn’t change a lot from projects to projects.

Just added it to my 2021 goals, so it should be done by 2024. 🙃

@celia doesn't give you a design system, but Adam Argyle is a solid CSS expert and this is his starter project that he maintains:

Also opinionated on the build system front though, so might not be the foundation to build upon, maybe good to fork?

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