Does anyone here use CI? How has your experience been? I'm considering ditching in favor of a testing subdomain + a production site (all static) hosted on my server that I already pay for (funny?).

@celia I think is really good (at least it works for all I need).

Drone / Gitea used to be something I was looking at, but the acquisition of Drone made me weary - I'm not sure what happened to it after that, to be honest.

@stchris Oof. Vercel has been getting investor funding, a lot of it, and that makes me uncomfortable. They also do not support Gitea.

Drone/Gitea might still be a good-enough compromise for now. Although I need to build Drone from source (maybe?)...

I looked at the builds link you shared, looks like I need to be on SourceHut for this?

@celia you need an account but you can use just what you need, e.g. don’t need to use git or todos. Sourcehut has a very clear UI with no nonsense and is very open about their funding.

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