What do you prefer for people and organizations (FOSS and otherwise) periodically?


I noticed @elementary has 14 patrons on Liberapay, 250 on Patreon, and over 500 (!) on GitHub Sponsors.

Sponsors was released this year. They've had an account on Liberapay for 2 years.

While there are tons of other variables in play here, this was interesting at the very least. I wonder if Liberapay is just... less trusted by folks because it's less popular and has a sign-up barrier?

@celia It would make sense for people in open source to have a GitHub (potentially paid) account already. So that's likely the most available and easy option for the userbase.

Patreon is also quite popular, and chances are if the person is donating recurrently to another FOSS project they'll have a patron account already in use. If they aren't then they might be donating to someone from a video sharing site, art site, etc.


@celia Liberapay on the other hand is used quite infrequently. I'd like to see this change of course. It's also not unlikely that people see 10 or so euros/dollars/etc. per month and think donating won't help the person very much. As well as the general platform chicken-and-egg situation.

@skunksarebetter You bring up an interesting point. Perhaps having changing "goals" on Liberapay helps.

You start with "I need USD 5 per week" to sustain server costs.

Once you reach that, you update it to "I need USD 20 per week" to spend more time fixing bugs and upgrading the server.

Patreon already does this, and perhaps it's a neat psychological inducement.

However, it does offer more perks if the creator wants to, though, so that's another thing that you don't get on Liberapay.

@skunksarebetter A person might shy away from adding an additional USD 2 per month because of the point you mentioned... that it doesn't really help.

But if the goal is USD 10 per week and you're at 8... they just might!

@celia Definitely, for smaller platforms like Liberapay lower goals like 20€ or $100 could be quite attractive for donors while still being advantageous enough to warrant the account for creators. A couple dozen is often enough to keep the blogger/video creator/etc's webhost happy, so I could totally see something like that working very well in that space.

@celia @elementary Maybe one of the reasons is because they give access to early builds to $10/month and higher GitHub Sponsors.


The problem I have with Liberapay is that it's not a recurring donation. It's a one-time donation, so you have to donate "everything" in one go. Where Patreon, you can set it to donate $2 every month.

@wonderingdane liberapay.com/

It is recurrent no? That's the only thing it supports. Everything in the UI signals towards recurrent donations.

You have to set up a donation and then cancel it to make a one-time donation.

@celia You choose how many months you want to donate. Let's say i want to donate $3 over 3 months. Then it will transfer $3 immediately and "show" the receiver as receiving $1 a month. Then after 3 months you can choose to donate again.

- elementary is a special case because they offer daily builds only if you sign in with GitHub. I moved my support from Patreon to GitHub a few months ago just for this.

- It's not that I don't trust LiberaPay (though I've never used it). It's just that I never knew elementary was on there. They talk about Patreon and GitHub the most.

- GitHub also bears any processing fees so that the full amount goes to the dev. I don't know if that's the case with others.

@celia It's also a matter of what platform the project itself prefers. Akira isn't on GitHub Sponsors so I support them on Patreon.

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