The only thing I rely on for is ... and partially .

I'll be ditching Gmail within the next month or so, and Photos by June 2021 anyway.

The downtime might as well have flown me by. Well, nearly. 😁

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@celia Sweet 👍 Have you found a good Google Photos replacement yet?

@edgren Unfortunately nothing that really impresses me. I'm just delaying the inevitable (hence the 7 month timeline) because I know I'll have to compromise. :(

@edgren Yes I have! I would like to use them someday but I think it's another lock in, no? You can't self host it either.

@celia What do you mean with "lock in"? No self-hosting yet, no 😕

@edgren Lock in because once I start using them, I have to keep using them or do a heavy migration process like I need to do with Google Photos now. :(

@celia Ah, you mean like that. Hm. How about buy a hard drive for NAS like WD Red and use Jellyfin or PhotoPrism?

I know the 7 month timeline, but... yeah 🙂

Have you taken a look at The images load very slowly, but it's ultra private

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