Do you want to lose customers?

Because this is exactly how you lose customers.

@celia Mobile networks keep stooping lower. I miss BSNL.

For this particular case, ask them to reverse this and permanently disable all VAS. It will take a few weeks before all of them are gone, but it works.

The only spam I get from Vi these days is them randomly welcoming me to a circle I've been in for months.

@dubiousdisc I'll follow up on this. This is the first or second time this has happened to me in the last 5 years. Hate dealing with customer care (predictably...).

Any idea at all if I can drop them an email? I don't mind the slow turnaround.

Haha yeah, I get those too. Random welcome messages.

@celia Haven't tried email, but try sending `STOP` to 155223. That's what I did last year when it was still Vodafone, but try it anyway. Worst case, it won't work.

@celia you know what REALLY grinds my gears...when websites (I’m looking at you, CodeCanyon) offer software for $12 for example, but only allow you to “top up” in multiples of $20.

They’re literally stealing money.

@kev Oh my gosh, yes. And the top up "expires" in two years.


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