Upgraded to Pop!_OS 20.10 for no reason at all on the laptop I work from and rely on. Couldn't resist.


Guess who's going to spend the night getting back on 20.04 LTS... this girl, lmao 😭

@wonderingdane Afraid not... best to stick with LTS. I had some weird networking issue that I don't have the patience or expertise to sort out. :(

@celia I pretty much have the same experience every time I feel brave (dumb) enough to install xx.10. It's a curse being curious and wanting to try out the newest stuff :D

Stay away from "bleeding edge" and rolling releases, unless you want to tinker with your OS from time to time.

@wonderingdane Yeah, you're 100% right. I don't know what came over me, honestly -- stability beats new any day. I don't think I'm going to move from 20.04 any more now. What a waste of time and energy... 😅

@celia It's not wasted time or energy if we learn something from it :D

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