More and more, I've been wanting to explore a more... hands-on to-do list experience than the ones offered by apps on my phone and laptop.

They're generally great, but... they don't evoke that sense of clarity about the day ahead for me.

@lucifargundam I'm just going to be frank and throw the first couple of thoughts I had into the fediverse:

not another app...
too much work...

@celia perhaps turn your todos into a crossword puzzle?

I hear ya. There will always be 100 different apps for a thing and it can be exhausting looking for a perfect fit. I ditched my long time favourite Todoist and went with pen and paper for a while and then recently moved to Taskwarrior (desktop only). You really don't have to go looking for apps. Paper can be very versatile.


@celia pen and paper keeps me sane. Some things just don't work via screens

@yarmo @celia same but on a screen I ended up with `taskwarrior` (and `timewarrior`).

While hard to wrap the head around the first time I realized I'm on a terminal all day anyway and this thing can read tasks from other sources and has some really awesome features hidden under it's… esoteric cmd line usage.

There are various GUI approaches for both but your mileage will vary. Most of this is in bad shape or scratches only a very specific itch.

There is a taskd but I've no experience with it.

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