I've been using and enjoy it. Points raised here seem valid (wiki.404.city/en/XMPP_vs_Matri) and I wonder if it's worth self hosting and moving to with E2EE (encryption)?


Lots of schooling happened here. For now, the only contact I spoke with on Matrix is now with me on Signal (we both were active on it already, least resistance), but I'm looking at this for the future...

Also, fascinating results. On fedi, I expected XMPP to be a clear winner.

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@celia, I guess part of it is that New Vector seems dedicated to making Matrix and its ecosystem FOSS. Unless I’ve missed where they made something proprietary.

Also, bridges are really convenient because using Matrix doesn’t lock you out of established communities.

@celia I honestly think there's a big difference between the two. At least in how i would use it. XMPP and the software using it, is something I would use instead of Facebook Messenger. Where Matrix is something I consider an alternative to Discord or IRC.

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