Any friendly resources for noobs like myself?

* looking at upgrading from my super obsolete manually-updating-/etc/hosts tricks, and,
* making services for binaries, like mongodb and nginx do, for example.

@celia you probably know already but Fedora Magazine has an ongoing series on systemd that is really good.

@bekopharm Thank you, I wasn't aware, but will follow this now!

@celia The arch wiki is all you ever need:

They have a list of examples, which should make clear how systemd units work.

@garritfra The Arch Wiki is great for intermediate reading, I think. As a first pass into something, I don't like it as much.

@celia pro tip: your machine already has systemd services so you can browse the definition files to see how they work (e.g. `find /etc/systemd -name "*.service"`). And: systemd makes use of cgroups, it might make sense to have a very broad understanding of what that is, since it bleeds into systemd configuration from time to time.

@stchris Sweet, thank you! You certainly look like you know what you're talking about. :)

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