Just installing to test as a daily driver for some time. Might just reinstall Pop OS later over on its old copy to see if that fixes some annoying bugs. 🙃

@celia You can install Pop!_OS via VirtualBox or similar to see if they have fixed the bugs. Just a tip 🙂

@edgren Yay, thank you. I do keep a separate partition just to test a different/new linux OS. 😉

@celia I've been using it everyday for more than a year or two... I never felt the need to try nor going back to other distros anymore.

@l_l Yeah, I'm back to Pop. Too old to be distro hopping. This screen lock bug is super annoying though. :(

@celia I mean, I've been on fedora for a while, pretty satisfied in general

@celia Go for Fedora! Fedora has first class support for Wayland, if you wanna start experimenting. Totally worth it.

@kriive Ah yes, but that does seem to break screen sharing on all apps as far as I am aware? :)

Also I run Pop!_OS in hybrid mode all the time -- installing NVIDIA drivers meant switching to X anyway.

@celia Uhm, not necessarily! I am on `sway` at the moment and screen sharing works fairly good with Firefox and `xdg-desktop-portal-wlr` (+ Pipewire). I guess GNOME or KDE also have some degree of support for screensharing.

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