Do we *ever* stop working on our personal websites? -

If you have done so, let me know how. I'd love to know.

@celia I think it’s why social media silos like Instagram, Facebook pages and other things got so popular. It released people from maintaining their personal webspace :)

@judeswae Oof. You're right.

This wasn't even maintenance, just re-did the whole home page. I should go and carry on with my JS30 and React courses. 😂

@judeswae Oh I've just started participating in Sorry if the shorthand was... too short. 😅

@celia nor should you! It's your little home on the internet, no reason to ever stop working on it :)

@celia I like to stop when I am satisfied. I like designs that can pass the test of time. A Penguin book for example. The one 100 years old still looks great.

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