Seeing as I wrote about mov­ing to , , and then back to Vivaldi, it’s only fair I write about my story be­hind the move back to .

Most of you on will already be familiar with this, but like I said, it was worth writing an article to set the record straight. 😉

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@thumb This is a hashtag I use to tell Moa not to cross post this toot to Twitter. 😊

@celia when you disclose the issue last week I was about to suggest to publish your journey... I didn't, and I'm glad I didn't.

I refrain myself thinking: I'm pretty sure Celia know better what would be the best and does not need anyone telling what to do. I'm glad I was correct.

Anyway thank you for your post. I helps a.lot to the community.

@celia Dark theme! ❤️ Create article, by the way. I'm so glad for you that you have been able to return to Firefox yet again 🙂 And this time with the issues gone!

@celia And of course I meant "great" and not "create" 😂

@celia I hear so much negativity from users about Firefox. Usually about some new feature they don't like (which usually can be changed back), and is their justification for using some back-woods fork that's maintained by a handful of people. I'm glad they're willing to develop new features even if I don't like most of them. I didn't like their decision to drop native RSS support but that was easily solved.

@celia I will continue to use Firefox because to me, they are the only browser with the resources to stay competitive with the evil browsers, and genuinely take our best interests to heart.

@celia is Browserhopping the new Distrohopping? FF FTW!

@celia Firefox, the only true browser!

Welcome back to the party 🎉.

@gray @celia
They'll pry my firefox from my cold dead hands.
Ru I would like to see you argue your stance about a moral obligation. I obivously see the importance of Firefox for the freedom of the web, but I don't think I can actually go to a moral obligation.

@celia I congratulate you for returning to the only browser that can give some confidence; we all know that Chromium (and, by extension, all his derivatives) is a servant of Google's advertising interests.

On the other hand, I'd advise you not to fully drain your computer's battery, because lithium ones suffer a lot with deep discharges. If you're again in the same situation, I recommend you choose the disconnection option; also, some laptops have an option to disconnect the battery from BIOS/UEFI menu, without needing to open the case.

@bauglir Thank you! Apparently this is a hardware flag, not a software flag. I couldn't find any option to "reset" my battery in the UEFI menu.

I'll opt for the required hardware tools if I ever find myself in this situation again. 👍

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