May be very ambitious, but I want to run a small, personal instance and have 5 real-life friends migrate to it.

I want to see people being again like they were on when it was new to them.

provides hosting! This is pretty cool! A bit expensive but probably worth it for the peace of mind.

Not sure how many approx. users small and medium plans can accommodate. Dropped them an email. 📧

Tried my hand at a custom install but realized it would be a headache to maintain, not just install.

I hope Spacebear's small plan is sufficient for our needs. $8/mo itself will be hard to break even with. 😕

Up and running with a rough-edges install of Pleroma with Soapbox in less than an hour. 😲

So how does this federation thing work? How soon after following someone on another instance do I get to see my federated timeline populate?

Read and it appears to me there's a lot of initial work to do before I invite friends over. 😕

Also... why don't I see anything when I visit a profile on any other instance? Can not request the full profile? Why *just* what we *need*?

I understand it might be great for performance, but it's confusing for the average person to see incomplete profiles with no way to fetch more info.

@farhan @celia I'm not a fan of the interface but #Soapbox makes it pretty and intuitive for users of big tech social media platforms

@farhan Would Pleroma let me have an "instance-only" posting mode?

The fork of Mastodon maintained by the author of allows this -

@celia Not sure if it does instance only posting specifically - but looks like you can turn off federation in the settings.


@jamie @farhan Ah no, I want to keep federation on... I guess I'll stick with Hometown/Mastodon.

@celia @jamie Its a good feature, honestly. I don't believe I've seen that though.
Might be worth a feature request to the #Pleroma team. I can't imagine its too difficult to implement.

@lanodan @farhan @jamie Wow! This is amazing! I am not sure but I think Mastodon has refused in the past? to implement this officially so if Pleroma do it, then I'm in! 🎉

@celia Wow, I hadn't heard about spacebear. Pretty good pricing, too. I *kind* of want to have my own mastodon instance, but I like it here too much.

@celia Considering the PeerTube, option. Though I'm not much of a videographer, either 😅

@emanuel @mastohost Yeah, but sadly they don't support Hometown (which is a lightweight fork of Mastodon)

Till this day I didn't know about Hometown 🤦🏼 Always learning 😀

@celia I'm running an instance for 12 people right now (though Pleroma, and I'm the only one who usually posts) and my server has been mostly fine with 1 CPU, and 1 GB of RAM. The only time I noticed the server slow down was when @stux boosted an image I posted, so a lot of people started loading the image from my instance 😁

@robby @stux I'm paying for a plan with 2 vCPU and 2 GB of RAM. I think going th Docker route was a bad idea. Since the server anyway is *just* for Mastodon/Hometown, there's no value.

@celia @robby We are currently on 16x dedicated CPU, 64GB RAM :flan_hacker:

@stux @celia @robby On Pleroma it would be more like 6 CPU 16GB RAM 😆

@alex @celia @stux @robby

Really ? I thought that Pleroma was supposed to be much more resource frugal.

@mcread @celia @stux @robby Re-read, I’m suggesting on Pleroma it would require less than half the resources for the same amount of traffic

@alex @celia @stux @robby

ah you're right ... sorry , Sunday evening vision :) Excellent .

@alex @stux @robby Installing Pleroma. Many other folks suggested it last time around as well, and they're natively targeting a 2.1 release w/ local-only posting. 🎉

Just doing a quick install which if goes well I will follow up with a clean install in a few days.

I run a single user instance. It's pretty easy to install and maintain using the OTP install.

I currently run it on a raspberry pi 4, which is probably also a bit overpowered for a single user instance but hey. It was there.

@alex @stux @robby

@Jakobiner @celia @robby @stux I love that a RPi4 is “a bit overpowered” for Pleroma.

@alex @stux @robby Woohoo. This is merged.

Not totally onboard the Pleroma hype train anymore though. Simply because I've already got a stable Hometown up and running.

Also I wish there was a nice front-end that wasn't Soapbox...

@celia @alex @stux have you seen Fedi FE yet? I haven’t used it but it looks like it might be another nice option

@robby @alex @stux This looks so good! Know if it's already up and running on any Pleroma server?

@celia @alex @stux @robby Pleroma FE is nice once you have customized it. Make the background a solid colour, and change the theme. Out of boredom, I changed mine to look Mastodon-y.

@robby Going to try it again. 🤷‍♀️

Mastodon is far more stable as an overall product imo so I want to stick with it for now. Hometown, although, doesn't have an exit path, sadly.

@celia Couple of minutes, usually. Depends if their server is up.

But following affects your Home timeline, not really your Federated one (unless it's the first follow between the two instances – assuming Pleroma works like Mastodon, anyway).

@wizzwizz4 Yeah it would be the first follow between these two servers. I think it does work similarly.

@rusi @celia I see. They don't load the outbox of the actor. I imagine they only display the local cache for it. Kind of a trivial thing to have, I agree. :(

@mariusor @rusi So is this a Pleroma issue or a Mastodon issue or just a limitation on ActivityPub's part? 🤔

@celia @mariusor @rusi Pleroma had a "fetch new foreign user's posts" feature a few versions back, but it failed to include a depth parameter and ended up downloading nearly the entire fediverse (known user posts, new foreign user comments on post, profile of new foreign user fetched, new users through foreign user introduced in database through fetch, repeat).

I believe it was totally taken out since then and I don't know the status, if that will ever be rebuilt.

I've decided to just subscribe to relays and pick people interesting out. It fills up your timeline fairly quickly that way anyway.

@Jakobiner @rusi @mariusor That's a shame... this is such a primitive feature but I understand it might be too tricky to get right.

More and more I think I'm going to try setting up Hometown again! 😕

@Jakobiner @rusi @celia I feel like that is overreaching and over engineering something that should have been just a synchronous API call to the viewed actor's outbox.

@mariusor @rusi @celia

My thoughts as well. I think the API call to fetch initial posts was triggered at the wrong moment i.e. not on discovering a new user in the DB, but on fetching a user's profile.

By the way, here is the related issue on the Pleroma gitlab: ( )
@celia I’ve been very happy with Pleroma and Soapbox.
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