Want to see what your website looks like once you strip the out?


Why? For one, you might be interested in checking out how semantic your HTML *looks*. Then use it with assistive tech (AT) to figure out how everything *works*. 🤯

It's what I'm trying to do right now anyway.

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I can't find any viable screen readers for Firefox or Vivaldi...

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@celia can't you install chromevox with Vivaldi? What about NVDA (if on Windows)?

@celia if it's just accessibility testing in general, the latest Firefox has the accessibility tab in the dev tools. Can also right click to inspect page accessibility.

Not helpful for empathy, but at least gives you the info of _if_ the button text/aria role/hover text shows up in a way assistive tech could detect at all.

@thelonelyghost Yes, I already love the basic a11y tools on Firefox. ♥

@thelonelyghost Not on Windows, going to try Chromevox now, thank you!

@celia that's the one I was thinking of, though I typically find it through the standalone site:

@celia firefox: alt -> view -> page style -> no style ?

@feonixrift I am currently not using Firefox but that's helpful!

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