Why do some services use different shortcodes for the same emoji? How did we end up making emojis feel like proprietary syntax? 🙄

@celia in Mastodon each server stores their emojis locally.

@kev But isn't there a Unicode standard for emojis? Virtually all standardized emojis should have the same shortcode across all software. That's the point of a standard!

The number of times I wonder why I'm not getting any search results for ":tada" is not encouraging. 😢

@celia yeah, there is. The Masto implementation is just images with some custom markup to call those images. I suppose this allows the flexibility to have any emoji, like distro logos etc.

@meduz @kev Oh no. Having custom emojis is fine. Having different shortcodes for the standardized emojis is not okay.

@meduz @kev A custom emoji on Mastodon is not s part of any spec so whatever shortcode works. 🤷‍♀️

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