Has anyone written a guide for normies like me to ?

I know there's documentation on the official repository but I'm interested in a production-ready Docker based walk-through -- including stuff like an SMTP server.

While I paid US$48 for a yearly plan the one time, I kind of need to self-host until (and if) a regional price becomes available as an official option.

The product is great and I want to continue using it beyond the term I paid for - but that price is untenable *for me.*

By the way, you can upvote my idea for a pricing. It had gathered some 6 upvotes in all on the old idea tracker - but only has 2 since the move to GitHub.

Oh look, someone made a post just days ago! Not sure if this will help me, but I'll only know by going through it! 😀

@celia I've been looking at Matamo which is another analytics thing, the self hosting docs for it look pretty straightforward -

@stuts Ah no, thank you, but I really, really like Plausible and have no intention to move to anything else for the moment.

^ That must make you happy @markosaric. 😉

@celia @markosaric Aha no worries, I realise a workaround isn't a solution!

Have been eyeing up both but had the same issue as you when it came to Plausible self-hosting.

Best of luck!

@markosaric @stuts @ggarron Yeah, thank you so much! Had just seen your response on Twitter. I usually don't log in as much there so the nudge from you was welcome. 😊

@celia @stuts @ggarron twitter search works better than masto search so i saw it there first. i'm searching for all the relevant keywords 😀 here i saw it now in my own feed!

@celia @stuts thanks Ru! 😀 i just responded to you on twitter with some recently published guides

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