I'm pretty upset with 's performance.

So I've decided to switch to for a week and see how I feel. Do you folks have any other recommendation?

I'm conflicted about using the Blink engine. However, my productivity is equally important and Firefox is not able to offer this at the moment, not on desktop.

@celia What issues are you experiencing with Firefox?

@fatboy Sluggish page loads, sluggish browser interface. It runs smooth for a while on a refresh, but becomes painfully slow again. I even removed multiple privacy protecting addons to no avail. :(

@celia Ah damn, that sucks. I wonder why? Almost sounds like a Firefox issue with your hardware? Was this on Win10?

@fatboy It's totally possible. I like to think my three year old processor is still a good CPU. I'm sure more recent ones will be faster, but that's not an option.

Could also just be issues with Firefox on linux *and* my hardware.

@celia That's a bummer. 3 years is very young. I have PCs that's over 11 years old and run fine under "normal" usage.

@fatboy Well, there you go. Probably something on my end then. :(

@celia Sounds like it :(

The only explanation I can think if is that the issue is caused by a gfx card? Do you have one and what driver are you using?

@fatboy I'm using proprietary graphics driver for Nvidia - bundled with Pop OS. By default, I run my laptop on Hybrid Graphics.

Does that help?

@celia @fatboy You may want to give it a last shot by entering "about:config" in the URL bar and changing the "network.dns.disableIPv6" setting to "true". This used to be a thing in the past..

@celia Are you sure it's the browser's performance or the cache that's been piling up? Folks are often mislead by thinking another browser is faster when in reality it just doesn't have any cached data yet.

@asko That's an excellent point. I'll probably try that in a week's time (or sooner if my Vivaldi experiment fails! 🙂)

@asko Removing the cache helped, but not that much. For now I'm with Vivaldi but let's see how things work out in the near future. 🙂

@celia It's a shame :/ I wish there was one single browser that had all the good things.

I have currently have to use a mixture of Chrome and Safari, because of Chrome's hardcore HSTS rules some work stuff doesn't work on it and I have to use Safari. But on Safari lots of advanced web stuff (like Push Notifications) don't work, so I have to use Chrome.

@asko Absolutely! I keep a Chromium around purely for work as well, and use(d) Firefox for my personal work and personal stuff.

@celia I currently have no other suggestion for a change in web browser. Firefox has been good enough for my needs. Sorry you had this unpleasant experience. I'm seeing others trying to figure out how we can make it work acceptable, you may be discovering something useful for other Firefox users.

About Vivaldi is probably just me, but a propietary/ close source project based on JavaScript was simply out of my criteria for selecting them.

@esparta That's very fair! They in fact recently wrote about it - vivaldi.com/blog/vivaldi-brows

I've tried to make FF work but I'm convinced Gecko is at fault here. Blink is simply much faster. Maybe once WebRender is a stable first-class citizen on Linux, I would love to return.

@celia The loss of Opera/Presto is criminal.

Yes, I'm still in a grump about it after all this time. Opera was bloody awesome until it became a Chrome clone.

I tried Vivaldi a few times and never found the experience quite right. There was something niggling away that seemed wrong but it is so customisable everyone will experience it differently.

Firefox, for all of its oddities seems to be the best of all worlds.

@celia Forgot to mention, Microsoft are actually doing a reasonable job with their new Edge based on Chromium.

There is a range of privacy settings to play with.

@gray I used to like Edge on Windows, even pre-Chromium/Blink. It's a great default browser but I wasn't sold on it being my first-choice.

I hear it's now available on Linux as well? Have you tried it?

@celia It is indeed. I haven't tried it on Linux yet but use it daily on macOS while I'm working.

I like to keep all my "personal" or research stuff in Firefox and then use Edge for all the work based things as it can just stay signed in to that one account.

It's not too bad.

@gray Thanks, have you tried its sync feature? Not super comfortable with Microsoft syncing my data, but still...

@celia I have not tried it since a while, but Min is a minimalist browser, so maybe it's lightweight and perf, too. github.com/minbrowser/min

I also use waterfox (based on FF) & SeaMonkey (again FF based), Midori & palemoon. There's an experimental browser called Beaker Browser (chromium base) that's looking good.
For me they all work well, however, your mileage may differ - enjoy

Vivaldi has been my default browser for about two years. Recent releases include built-in add blocking and cookie control. It handles tabs nicely without extensions.

The Blink engine does not seem to raise privacy issues with the controls in place.

Occasionally, not very often, I encounter a site with issues. Then I switch to Firefox.

I recommend it.

@celia I tried , but the constant updates got annoying fast.

@codeHaiku @celia
Vivaldi is being actively developed and gets better all the time. Updates don't take long on Linux OS's.

@celia My main browser is qutebrowser. If you are a vim user, it's a very good option.

@jcromero Oh nice! I've seen it mentioned a few times lately. While I do use vim, it's only when SSHing into a server, and quite painfully so!

@tychi @celia If you love vim you will love qutebrowser even more :)

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