Okay, so I have my own blog, a Micropub server - Indiekit, Celestial, Redis, and Redis Commander running on my local computer.

All with one command.

I feel like a mad scientist.

Oh noes! I just realized IndieAuth does not allow URls with port numbers. Now I need to figure out how to get a .local domain running instead of localhost:xxxx :(

@celia I love docker sometimes! Being able to build a config locally and then with a couple of commands to transfer it to another host just seems like cheating!

@celia If you don’t want the hassle of fiddling with a reverse proxy, perhaps you could add local dns entries in your hosts file?

@chris How do you do that on Ubuntu 20.04? I'm thoroughly confused because I need to reverse proxy from port 8080 to 80 as well as there's systemd! It's not as simple as it used to be - editing /etc/hosts, is it? 😅

@celia hmm, not sure if the /etc/hosts entries will recognise ports, that does sound like a job for a reverse proxy… if you’re trying to connect to a docker container, could you just map a different external port to connect to the internal service running in the container? Otherwise it might be reverse proxy time…

@celia If you do not have a webserver running on localhost, you should be able to use something like:

docker run -p localhost:80:8080 ...

Replace 8080 with the port where your service is running.
And then, you should be able to use http://localhost as the URI

@celia There is also localtunnel

and ngrok

I haven't used these much, as I tend to go the reverse proxy route with Apache/Nginx.

@vimaltech ngrok did not cut it for my use case unfortunately.

@vimaltech Excellent idea! Thank you, saves me a lot of headache by preventing additional nginx setup.

@celia cool, just curious what do they all do for you?

@ramob I'm building a Micropub client here

So I need a Micropub server (my app makes requests to it), my own blog (ultimately, content is published here and the site is rebuilt), and Redis to store session data (my app's database basically). Redis Commander is just a simple GUI for viewing the Redis database.

@celia Neat, I've never heard of them sorry. What does Micropub do? What kind of back end is Redis? Sorry if these are off the wall.

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