Sorry about the state of development docs yesterday.

I've improved them a lot today + set up an example server (which was up since the beginning but not since I moved the setup to Docker)

Here you go:



What you can try at the moment is publishing a Note, setting a date-time, and syndication. File uploads are a work in progress.

I just tried to login with but ended up in an error page just after authorizing the application.. Your Logs should be giving more details I guess :)

Maybe it's on my side.. But usually I have no issue using indieauth :/

@rmdes Ah yes, real world data! :)

This is what I see on the server logs: "invalid json response body at reason: Unexpected token s in JSON at position 0"

So the IndieAuth server is returning a code (good), then we go ahead and verify the code (good) but likely do not receive JSON data in response (bad).

@rmdes Which IndieAuth server are you using? Maybe I can check its source/documentation to see if there's anything obvious that is wrong? Otherwise it would point to something on my end...

@rmdes I think your server is returning an error but we don't know what it is. Let me work on a couple of fixes this week so whatever the error is, is more visible to you without getting in touch with me. :)

@rmdes Although...this specification says even the error message should be a JSON object. So there's probably fixes needed on both ends.

It's possible that my indieauth plug-in needs to be updated, I'm having a look at available git pulls I can do

Just tested with Quill, no issue, I'm looking at servers logs while I test again on yours.. 2 sec

@celia Not finding any real hint about what's happening on my end.. :/

@rmdes Can you please share your logs with grep?

Something like:

$ command_for_logs | grep -C1 -E "(celestial|indieauth)"

It'll be easier for me to read through :)

@celia of course, sorry, giving you a link over DM

@rmdes I also need to figure out how to get Heroku to show my app's error pages so it's easier for you to see a general error message yourself.

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