Seeking a humble, experienced set of eyes for a client I'm developing. It's a app with template engine.

I'm very interested in refactoring the codebase as we go along to be more modular and resilient.

The pace is admittedly slow, but I am inclined to see this through to the end. :)

Oh, and I'm using so that should already help you get up to speed quickly. :)

@celia I can lend my eyes, I've got experience with node, express and liquid, not really any TypeScript, but I can still read it.

@tychi That's wonderful! :)

Are you OK working through GitHub? It's really just a private repo... no fluff like Issues, Projects, Milestones or anything of the sort.

I'm playing by ear with a rough list of things to do as I want to enjoy making this.

P.s. While I intend to designate my GitHub as a mirror at some point, I'm not quite there yet!

@celia yeah, absolutely :) I want to get off GitHub at some point too, but I'm still using it.

I think light touch is the way to go, it's easy to over complicate project management and that sucks all the fun out of coding.

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