I think people who believe in also tend to want to pay for the services they use.

With that mind, I wondered if you pay for your and support publishers, editors, etc. directly.

Here's a !

@celia When they give me reliable news, and not biased bullshit, I will pay for it. My parents payed for newspapers for decades, but back then it was different (we had subscriptions for like 4-5).

@parasurv Very valid take! Asking out curiosity - are you unable to find even a single local/state/national publisher worthy of being supported directly?

@parasurv But that's exactly the loop I want us to break out of! They have little incentive to play good when they're gonna get easy money any which way.

@celia voted no, but I do not consume news news, only FOSS and other IT related things and blogs. Patreon'ing several podcasts though.

@celia I’ve said consume news for free, but I don’t really consume typical news. I read blogs mostly (surprise surprise) and none of the ones I read have an option to pay for the content.

Having said that, I do support a couple of podcasts I listen to on Patreon.

In terms of real, traditional news, the only place I read that is the BBC and here in the uk we pay a TV license to support the BBC, so I suppose I do pay for my news in that respect. It’s ~£112/year IIRC.

@celia oh, I also have a paid subscription to a motorbike magazine. Does that count?

I have in the past, not presently, will do again.

@celia “News” today is not worth paying for. I'd argue that it is in fact, entirely unnecessary—free or paid.

I would pay for the news (I tried with 2 different newspapers that I trust), if in the privacy terms they would say that once logged in they wouldn't collect your data. On the contrary, they say they collect this information, make a profile and can share it for pub or whatever. If you subscribe they even have your name and everything. Without an account I read the news in hidden/incognito mode.

@mmezo That's a very good argument! I too would want such a newspaper to not feed on *any* of my data.

@celia I also believe that all people having the right to know what is going on in the world they live in is essential to a free, open, and equitable society. Saying that those who value privacy pay for more services just simply doesn't track with reality. I get what you are saying but it's a matter of resources. I'm not sure I want to see a world where the most reliable news needs to be purchased.. That seems incredibly dystopian. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point?

@jordanmiracle I see what you mean. Personally, I want to support a company as its reader as opposed to corporate interests giving grants/donations/ad money. I want news to be less biased and when the money comes from the people, I feel there's a better chance of that happening.

I keep shouting on the internet for localized pricing, so I do realize I'm already at a disadvantage accessing certain services, private or not, news or not, when I compare my economic reality to the western world.

@jordanmiracle Free news, I have seen, chases unhealthy targets and has completely run over whatever little was left of my country. There are other factors too, I suppose - and newspapers can always just go back to corporate sponsors when the average reader doesn't support them anymore. I'm divided.

@celia @jordanmiracle Back in the day, people paid for whatever newspaper they thought was reliable and unbiased. That gave newspapers inventive to _be_ reliable and unbiased, at least in their readers' eyes.

Nowadays because news is free, the goal is clicks, eyeballs on advertisements, and going viral on social media. So news articles don't get published to inform dedicated readers, they get published to generate clicks and eyeballs. Free news => sensational news.

@celia somewhere in between honestly, I tend to get my news from the BBC, which I pay for with my TV licence

@celia I would totally pay for news, but I try to use diverse news sources (often via So paying for news would get pretty expensive pretty quickly, unless there was a "news bundle" of some sort that allowed me to subscribe to various outlets with one monthly payment.

@celia I would pay for #news if they lowered the payment models.

One website I would pay for currently charges 15 EUR per month and another 28 EUR per month.

Considering I don't consume them daily right now, I would happily pay 5 EUR a month for each.

But since both models are so expensive - I just use the free version with an #adblocker. So now they make zero money out of me. 🤷

Maybe if they had a pay-what-you-want model with a min of 5 EUR, I'm sure some would pay more.

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