Third thought post today. It shows I wished I had finished setting this up days ago.

recently published a video about . I wonder if we can practice photo sanitization to protect ourselves?

@celia You might be on to something--but I don't like that we have to "reduce quality" to prevent misuse.

We may be able to trust a photo again when it's signed cryptographically and published by the photographer/designer.

That sounds like an interesting web extension idea. A trusted list of photographers you can create or subscribe to. When an image is missing a signature in strict mode can either remove it from display or overlay it with a warning.

@sjanes It's not just about trust. My focus is on how we can minimize the risk of it happening in the first place. If you see the Vox video, some deepfake videos already carry a warning indicating that it is not the real person. But the damage is done for the women concerned as soon as it's online.

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