I was using categories and tags to content on my . Upon some reflection, it makes sense to remove categories and solely rely on tags.

@celia I’m the same, albeit back to front. Wordpress supports both categories and tag, but I only use the former. I really don’t see the need for both. One or the other should suffice for most people.

@celia Thanks for the idea. I've now also switched from categories to tags for the same reasons 🏷️

@celia I still like having both, the tags are for the topics and subjects, the categories are for the intents or audiences. For example projects, questions, references, ideas, criticisms, and rants could be categories. Tags are anything else.

Depending on the system you use you can get a little bit of magic in queries that have two facets like these. It can be done all with tags if you are creative, but cat&tag is built into WordPress.

@sjanes That's actually a very good idea too! For me, it was clearly overkill as I'm using a static site and did not want to maintain an extra and rather large moving piece.

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