Is it just me or has become sluggish again?

I've refreshed my Firefox, pretty much banished containers, and it seems to be a little faster. But honestly, Chrome just renders pages so fast it's... how do they do that and Firefox can't (or won't)?!

@celia reason why I don't use it. Try Vivaldi or Brave.

@ironhook6 I just cannot get myself to use Chromium based browsers or those using Blink. The web is already suffering T_T

@ironhook6 Neither. I just want to play a part in avoiding a future of a *single* rendering engine in the market - and that being of Google's. It's good to have .

@celia it's why I can't stay full time on Firefox. Always have some Chromiums around (with various profiles). It can be frustrating using #Firefox as it often freezes or stop responding. No such problem with #Chrome so have them both installed.

@celia chrome feeds on user data and becomes more powerful with each bite

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