has quickly become my favourite Mastodon instance. A very active and helpful community.

I do miss all the interesting web developers especially in the domain from birdsite.

@celia Agree! FOSStodon is a constructive and helpful community.

@celia there’s no reason why you can’t use both. You could then try and get those people to migrate here. 😊

@kev @celia
A good way is to post there and link to interesting posts here.
They don't have to leave there, they can also be here.

@kev I'm not a very vocally involved person with said developers, even within the platform. I follow them, I enjoy their posts, and I learn so many little things. But that's about it... not certain they'll take my recommendations as a stranger with no presence haha.

I barely open birdsite because it's super toxic in my country, apart from generally as well. It's so easy to get dragged into it.

@celia someone lined to a page earlier where you can search for a twitter username, the subscribe to their feed via RSS. Maybe that is a way of having the best of both worlds without having to keep an account?

@kev @floppy Thanks, Kev. I'll check this out sometime this week. Certainly an interesting take!

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