So in case you’re wondering (like I was) why @gitea is not hosted on Gitea but still at GitHub, it’s apparently because they’re locked in by GitHub who are drip feeding them their data with extremely low rate limits.

This is an outrage.

A trillion-dollar company (Microsoft) is holding a free and open source competitor’s repository hostage on their systems.

Who do we pressure at GitHub to provide Gitea with all their data ASAP?


#GitHubGate #Gitea #dataPortability #lockIn

Happy that my Nextcloud is back in my basement. That's the place where it belongs. Always remember, there is no cloud, just other people's computer. #nextcloud #selfhosting #digitalsovereignty

Dendrite 0.9.3 has just been released to fix a security vulnerability 🔒Highly recommended to upgrade to this version!

(I reply in English, my first toot has been deleted... it's fosstodon rule...)

I found a "Tissot certified" boutique near my place. I'll check some reviews and call to see. It's not far from my work place. So I can bring the watch in person. I am not fan to send it via mail.

I totally agree that it's not a good idea to use a random watch reseller or jewelry.

@mvhorlo ok, merci. C'est bien ce que je me disais. Beaucoup trop. Merci pour la confirmation !

Elle est plutôt neuve (3 mois environ) et j'y fais assez attention.
La Swatch a bientôt 3 ans et je la portait pratiquement tout le temps. Même pour bricoler, etc. OK, pas pour passer la tondeuse ;-)

Bon, et bien je vais voir comment et où la faire réviser. Si jamais il faut l'envoyer par la poste, je préfère attendre la fin de ces canicules... Pas qu'elle reste dans une boîte à plus de 45 degrés...

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