I get many all days long. And from various sources..

Below is an non-exhaustive list of some channels I uses daily.

Work (intensive use):
- 2 self-hosted instances;
- 2 self-hosted () home servers;
- 1 self-hosted instance;
- GitHub (notifications mainly);
- various email accounts (POP);

Not work:
- my Synapse home server
- ();
- (libera.chat), and emails. But it's quieter 😂

I would like to recommend to some of my buddies and family members. Especially that I finally have my home server (in fact I am using Matrix since around 3 years with the home server of my work).

But I am too shy. In the last decade, I already recommended them to switch to , , , and so on.

Would I still be taken seriously? 😂

is really a cool thing. I am using it more and more. And we are switching to it at my work.

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