Dear Fediverse, I have a question for you.

Is there a kind of broker/stream of all the public activity in the whole Fediverse ?

@cedric If you know someone who could help with the UI I'd be interested!

@fikran @cedric The links in the bottom don't work on Firefox 89.0.2

@cedric That is technically impossible, unless you pull data from every server out there, which you can't.

However, pulling data from the major instances will give you a pretty good representative sample. I'm sure there are people doing it, but there is no public search engine for it, likely because people would get really upset about it.

There are some strong arguments against a public search engine, and while my personal opinions on this topic are much more relaxed, I respect the opinions of those that feel that their privacy is violated by having their posts searchable. That said, if the Fediverse becomes more mainstream, it's probably inevitable that such services will pop up.

@loke Actually I am not necessary talking about a search engine. It's the kind of tool useful for CSIRTs. And privacy put aside, the bad guys never wait to improve their tools.

@cedric I don't know any. However, it would be hard to build one because most admins don't like bots that consume timelines for no good reason and simply block them.

@cedric I think (but I'm open to being corrected) that such a thing doesn't and can't exist by design. The whole thing is decentralized, so there's no central authority or repository of content.

You might get part of it with a lot of crawling to get the instances, but only if they interact with each other, so that list is most likely never complete.

So technically possible, but practically infeasible.

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