I just created an account on , mainly to discover new artists. Is it good for this purpose ?

@cedric IMHO yes. They have regular articles where they curate albums from interesting genres / places.

@grainloom thanks, I will try it and see. Hope I'll discover lot of new artists!

@cedric Good luck!

ps.: If you know people with good taste, you can also look at their collection / wishlist. And artists also often recommend other artists.

@cedric I like it especially for genres I typically do not listen to. The monthly roundups for genres like Jazz and Blues helped me discover some awesome artists 🎺
Getting notifications whenever artists you follow release new music is a nice feature too!

@totoroot Currently listening some music via Bandcamp. I fear I will soon follow a lot of artists 🙂

@cedric Very. It's also a bit addictive if you're into new music and like to support artists. Ask me how I know:

@cedric hell yes.
I've bought more music on Bandcamp in the last few years than I have in the last couple of decades from everywhere else.
The best thing you can do is find people to follow then listen to your feed from time to time.
A lot of stuff shows up on r/listentothis as well which is my other main source.

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