I am still waiting for the delivery of my 😢
And my 4 has more and more screen issues. A pain to send a simple SMS. I must admit that the Nexus 4 is the best smartphone I ever had. I am using this smartphone since 7 years.

@cedric Did you receive the mail? I just see everyone is talking about the Pinephone but I even did not receive the shipping mail.

@jrballesteros05 I just got the email. It should arrive soon ! 🎉

@cedric Glad you received. I haven't yet. Nor pinetab nor Pinephone mail at the moment. If I don't receive during the week I guest I must write them.

@cedric Hi, I've just received an email asking me to short my name because it's too long and can't print the shipping label. I sent them and I hope I can receive it soon.

@cedric Yeah, I hope that it does not spend too long because of that.

@cedric I've just received the tracking code. I am so happy about it. I hope I could get the email for my pinetab as well. I ordered the pinetab first and I did not receive an email yet.

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