Facebook finally made the world a better place.

I am so disappointed with what the web has become in the last 10 years: a place where people are raw material for a few trillion-dollar companies. It is already a dystopian present. So sad, as I am technically a web developer, and a co-founder of a web company. I tried to find alternatives to web but I could find none. Should we invent one? But somehow I feel that the protocol itself is the issue, but all the sick business models which would transfer to the new standard. And lack of regulation.

I wonder where I was looking while Emacs and Org Mode was here all the time... I know! Wondering at how innovative and amazing Sublime and VSCode are...

-- Apple announced they delayed the mass surveillance plans. Hopefully it's just another way to save face, instead of cancelling it. And not sneaking it in some compiled binary.

Almost there. Installed Lagrange on the Pine Phone and it starts, but the window size is a bit odd. Probably will work fine in docked mode, yet I am still to find out how apps and window managers work on Linux phones.

I want to thank @jk for creating such a beautiful and usable piece of software that I want it everywhere. :)

Thank you, Apple! I am very grateful for reminding me who owns the devices I paid you money for.

Since you got into this PR sh*tstorm, I got a PinePhone to tinker with, I am now waiting for a Linux laptop to be back in stock to replace the MBP, I stopped wearing the your Watch, installed 10 distributions to finally choose one (although I have *BSD in the backlog, too).

I fully embraced open source and I needed your push.

I wonder how could Gemini and IPFS innovations be combined? 🤔

I really hope these guys succeed, to show the business model works. Here in (almost) Europe, Fairphone seems to have found their niche -- at least they are still in business.

Apple quoted me $800 to replace a screen, so for the last two years I have been looking at slowly moving yellow spots...


What a brilliant design for a Vintage Computer show!!! Good one.


@rootbsd@distrotoot.com some of them yes, but to a certain extent, and back in the early 00's. I looked at some newer models and they are quite monolithic. So I think Framework is a great start.


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