I think people underestimate how much editor colors effect your experience coding. I'm building a text adventure in Inform7 (inform7.com) for school atm, and basically lost all passion. Then I changed my editor colors to be more vibrant and punchy, and changed the font to Jetbrains Mono, and I've had a massive change in attitude. Equal to or greater than cleaning out your office. If you spend all day in a text editor, make it look nice.


@FIGBERT how do you like it? I started one using TADS3. It was a huge learning curve. Ultimately, I gave up because I'm not a good story teller.

@cbush Inform is a really great way to get in to the genre – I'm not super experience with it, but it's NLP and the docs are included with the IDE. Programming in the language is not as fun as some other languages, but the payoff of seeing someone play your game is huge. If you're trying to make a text adventure, definitely the way to go.

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