Hi folks! I'm a full time developer for CGI Federal, Inc. and a part time professor at a local Technical College. I left Facebook because I was tired of the censoring and how Zuck talks out both sides of his mouth on that subject. I'm most excited to ditch advertising, censorship, and talk with people interested in software, FOSS, and tech in general.

@cbush Welcome to the Facebook escapees community! 😉

@dave Love you profile pic! Have to say the latest season of Dr. Who really disappointed me though.

@cbush It's difficult to keep a thing going forever... One has to know when to let go... Wise words from Tardis World! 😄

@cbush Anyway, it's good to see a new community member... You'll find lots of fossies here..

@cbush for me just the lack of advertising and algorithms makes it a refreshing change ... welcome!

@LPS Thanks for the welcome! Agreed, the switch to predictability and simplicity is already a noticeable improvement.

@cbush advertising can be like noise pollution, you don't realize it's affecting you until it's gone.

@LPS No doubt! I think the first time I really started noticing how bad things were becoming is when Facebook started filtering people's comments. You had to change from "Most Relevant" to "Show All Comments." This just screams "Censorship" to me.

@cbush OMG I didn't realize it's gotten so bad:( I've been a refugee for a few years here so I've been out of touch with the "outside" world.. ha ha.

BTW you may not know that one of the greatest features of the Fediverse is that by using the activitypub protocol different platforms can communicate together, think email. You can follow Pixelfed (instagram) or Peertube (YT alternative) accounts right from within Mastodon and even comment on their timelines.

@cbush that's a step in the right direction, but I'm not sure something like this couldn't be easily circumvented by citing false sources:(

@LPS That's true. I am also concerned that this will bury independent journalism that isn't part of either the Democratic or Republican propaganda machines.

@cbush this comes back to advertising dollars unfortunately. If "official news" posts generate more clicks and therefore more engagement/money for FB they will be promoted.

@LPS Haha. Always follow the money if you want the truth ;-)

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