I'm looking for a new TV. Why are ALL TV's on the market "smart"? I don't need that at all. I have an hdmi cable if I want to connect something to it, I have chromecast if I want to stream. There is no need for an operating system on my television.


> I'm looking for a new TV. Why are ALL TV's on the market "smart"?

(Not sure if this is rhetorical, if so, sorry for answering it literally)

Because the manufacturers are competing ruthlessly on price and adding "smart" features lets them make money on spying/data analytics in ways that doesn't increase the (apparent) bottom-line cost to purchasers

@codesections I know why they do it, it makes the TV seem better, and lets them get your data.

I somewhat trusted the FirefoxOS on my TV, but now... 

@cavaliertusky @codesections now I urgently need to get a new TV for the family, and I am already desperate getting something which does not spy on every world spoken in the room... Recommendations welcome.
Maybe anybody having experiences with running such a device behind a PiHole blocker? Or a guide to hack the mic offline in these devices? #ivoidwarranties ...

@dwc @codesections I could, but want a big screen that is 4k and a monitor like that would be expensive. Most tvs I'm seeing are 300ish that I like. I will just disable the smart stuff or buy a Spectre that doesn't have it.


it seems what you have to do is either buy a smart tv and then dumb it down, much like the way David Bowman dumbed down HAL-9000 in "2001: A Space Odyssey", or build your own from a relatively dumb monitor and a deliberately dumbed-down pc.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I will probably wind up buying a smart tv and dumbing it down.

@cavaliertusky the Sceptre brand has 4K tvs that aren't smart and still have analog input even. much cheaper, 10/10

@Vishsai OOH Thank you! That's exactly what i'm looking for.

@cavaliertusky Look for store brands. My last two televisions have been Best Buy and Wal-Mart store brands.
The Wal-Mart one is a Sceptre. It's 50" can do 4k, LED screen and has 3 or 4 HDMI ports and was $200 on Black Friday.

Once a wise man had advised me, whenever you hear/read "smart", interpret it as spy.

Not sure I agree with your "no need for an OS in my TV" as TVs are essentially computers now.

Still, no need to connect it to the network/internet though. It's what I do. I'm assuming that gets rid of the snitch part.

@cavaliertusky Potential fix: shop for a computer monitor. Those'll typically be smaller and won't directly connect to broadcast TV, but they won't be smart!

Or my personal aesthetic taste is for a projector, but that only functions at night.

@cavaliertusky But then how would they spy on you and your viewing habits?

The UX on these TV's is appalling. Laggy, remote is awkward to use etc... I try to minimize the need to adjust anything on the TV and just use wireless kb and mouse to do everything on PC.


I feel the same way. The day my non smart plasma dies is the day I replace it with a giant monitor.


I picked up a 50 inch ONN TV at Walmart some time ago for about $130.00 I don't see them listed for that price at this time. But it was NOT a smart TV. We really weren't looking for a TV at the time, but it was there, and we snagged it, knowing that it was a simple TV was even better.

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